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this journal is gone.

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i don't love you any more, livejournal.

i still use facebook (sometimes) and regular-type email: lizkelen@gmail.com.

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there are two small, narrow windows in this basement room that i have moved into, which shouldn't look out onto anything but dirt. foreseeing this, the architects of this house built small, narrow holes in front of them, so a bit of sunlight gets in from above.

anyway, one of the holes has sand on the bottom and isn't very interesting to look at, but the other one is filled with toads (unfortunately this is the only window that opens, so i can't get fresh air without risking amphibian infiltration). this used to fascinate me and my brother when we were younger, and it is still pretty cool. today there are 6 toads and a frog and an earthworm, in a space the size of a kitchen sink. it's kinda gross... but kinda neat. it's like having an aquarium right outside my window, except there are slimy earthy things instead of pretty fish.

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